Any decision you make in life is a doorway. Whether you can see or hear what’s on the other side, you still need to make a choice.  The question becomes, what is the doorway in front of you and how do you handle it.

Welcome to THE DOORWAYS OF LIFE! This book is a tool for you to use on your journey of self-improvement and self-discovery—whether in your personal or professional life. The book uses doors, doorways, hallways, and more as metaphors for reaching for your next step so you can realize your potential. In order to do that, you have to step out of your comfort zone, get unstuck, release old baggage, and stretch beyond what you’ve done in the past.  Rise to your next level! Gain a new perspective with an open mind to change, growth, and new opportunities that come through doorways.

In this book, Coach Trev guides you through:

  • Defining and tracking your milestones as the doorways that relate to phases in life.
    • We all have goals in life, but how are you tracking your progress?
  • Opening your mindset to new levels as you meet criteria such as mastery of a skill or a connection you make.
    • When you complete a process or project, do you take the time to assess and address issues?
  • Identifying life transitions that keep you moving into new levels of growth and personal development.
    • Have you taken the necessary steps to outline and define your trajectory towards your goals?

Read The Doorways of Life and open yourself to a new perspective—to achieve all you desire in life! Here’s to you opening the doorways of your life and your success!

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