Professional Accountability Coach

Certified Life Coach

Certified Business & Entrepreneurship Coach

Certified Wellness Coach

Trevor started off in the corporate world as a call center rep. Easily making friends and quick to make people laugh, he progressed on to be a Back-Up Team Leader. There, Trevor discovered his passion for coaching others. He would immediately take new hires under his wing and teach them the ropes. Not only could he tell if they were getting the material by their feedback, Trevor could also hear what was NOT being said. He learned that silence can speak volumes.

Transition from the Back-Up Team Lead to a High-Touch Liaison where he dealt with firms handling million-dollar policy. Though not in person, Trevor learned to discerned his clients needs by tone and inflection. Though he did not know it at the time, over 90% of what person says is not coming out of their mouth.

Trevor then progressed on to management and leadership positions in various companies, both in the for-profit and non-profit sector. In the latter, he developed his coaching skills in an environment with volunteers and paid staff. From an organization of less than 100 people to a large non-profit of 2000+ members.

Trevor Singleton has been a lay coach the majority of his life, having over 20+ years of management and training & development experience.

His work experience includes that of a Team Leader, Business Consultant, Facilitator, and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

With a Master’s degree in Management and a concentration in Leadership in Organizational and Human Dynamics, Trevor has continued to serve as a coach and leader in both the profit and non-profit world in various capacities.

Trevor has worked diligently to obtain numerous certificates in various fields to address the coaching needs of numerous clientele on a national and international scale.